Luxury Hotel Photography

A professional hotel photographer will be of great benefit to the hotel in many ways. The hotel needs to have their property presented in the form of good photographs so that they can market their services efficiently hence attracting a larger number of clients. Therefore, a hotel photographer plays a great role in the establishment of the website for the hotel as well as developing photographs for use on social media by the hotel.

What is resort hotel photography?
Hotel photography entails the creation of spectacular rich media to showcasing homes, hotels, and resorts on the web. Hotel photography targets at enabling the hotel in capturing the more indirect and direct online bookings. A well-experienced hotel photographer will help the hotel in increasing their bookings tremendously by converting lookers into bookers. We start by having a look at the great photography that can capture the whole essence of the property that is owned by the hotel. The photography is then documented realistically for favoring the travelers. Good resort photography will also involve post-production techniques that aim at improving the type of travel media that is currently under use. The images are then displayed perfectly in the best resolution using the highest dynamic range ever.

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What is the importance of hotel photography?

  1. Helps in saving a client`s valuable time.
    One of the greatest advantages of luxury hotel photography is the fact that it helps the potential clients in saving their valuable time. The presence of good photographs on the website of the hotel will allow the clients to view the available facilities without even having to travel to the hotel. If there is a large Company that is planning to hold a convention in a hotel, they will just look at the photographs on the hotel`s website and determine whether they like their conference rooms. Therefore, hotel photography will help clients to avoid expensive travels to the hotel. The client will also find it easy to book the hotel since he has assurance of the amenities available at the hotel.
  2. The hotel can market itself greatly with the help of hotel photography.
    Another benefit that a hotel will realize from luxury resort photography is the fact that marketing their services will become easier. Good photographs will be appealing to a lot of people. Once people are appealed by these photographs, they are likely to go ahead and share the photographs. Once the quality photographs start circulating, people will have the urge of visiting your resort or hotel to enjoy the various facilities they saw from the pictures. Therefore, having great digital photos of the hotels will aid greatly in bringing more clients to the hotel.
  3. Helps in coming up with the best billboard for the hotel.
    A hotel ought to have a good billboard since it gives people an idea of what is inside the hotel. Professional hotel photography will play a great role in ensuring that the billboard has the best photographs that will attract more and more clients to your facilities.

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How do you choose a good professional hotel photographer?
Choosing the best luxury hotel photographer could be hard at times. With the change in technology, emergence of the digital cameras, and digital editing, many individuals have started considering themselves as `professionals` in photography“. In a technical dimension, professional photographers can best be described as individuals who can make beautiful images under any circumstances by incorporating their skills and creativity. Below are several guidelines that will help you to identify a good luxury hotel photographer.

Do your research

Before you embark on picking a hotel photographer, you should take your time and conduct your research. Start online by going through the portfolios of the various existing photographers. You should examine the photographs carefully and focus on the photographer`s creativity as well as the composition. You should determine the experience of the particular photographer and ensure that they have done great jobs in the past. You may also visit other admirable websites of other hotels so that you know the hotel photographer they had hired.

Meet the photographer

Before hiring a photographer, you should spare your time and meet them in person or over Skype. Evaluate whether you can work with this photographer. You should also go ahead and ask about their working style. Let the photographer know your needs on the way you want the photographs to appear. You should then listen to the ideas he has so that you can determine whether he is the right photographer.

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Ensure they have the right equipment that is needed for taking high quality and professional resort photographs

Apart from the cameras, there is another important equipment necessary for professional photography. For a skilled photographer to achieve professional hotel photography, there is a lot of equipment that must be available. The quality of light plays a great role in professional photography. Light plays a great role especially when the interior photographs in the hotel rooms are being taken. The light will define the planes, textures, and the atmosphere that is being photographed. Therefore, a professional hotel must have proper lighting equipment that will aid in improving the quality of the photographs. The other lighting systems include:
• The professional studio lamps
• The PAR bulbs
• The grid spots for focusing light
• Umbrellas that help in full lighting
• The optical and the radio slaves for setting off flash packs.
• The reflector cards for bouncing the light for reflection or fill

Tips to take great hotel photographs

  1. The bed skirts are the most overlooked items during a photo shoot in a hotel. Remember to ensure that there are no wrinkles or uneven patterns on the bed. This measure will help you in creating a good impression for your hotel.
  2. Have plenty light- For you to have good photographs during interior photography, you should ensure that there is enough light inside. Proper lighting can be achieved by allowing more light into the room or by creating more external lighting conditions.
  3. Carry out cleaning procedures- Before carrying out the photo shoot, you should ensure that necessary cleaning procedures have been done. You will, therefore, realize clear and clean photographs.

    You have now learned the essence of hotel photography and the various important techniques carried out during hotel photography. A good hotel photographer will help you in achieving everything you have been looking for as far as hotel photography is concerned.